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Hello. MONO.KONSUM is a joint online store for our fabulous interview magazine MONO.KULTUR, with its slightly temperamental offspring MONO.EDITIONEN, our womenswear label MONO.GRAMM, and other related endeavours of our studio. All of which you can purchase here at your own leisure.

Why a joint online store for womenswear and magazines?

Well, why not? They all come from the same house, and adhere to the same philosophy of loving care.



MONO.KULTUR is an interview magazine from Berlin. Our concept is as simple as it is beautiful: one issue, one person, one conversation. Every issue contains one very long and in-depth question/answer interview with one artist from various genres of culture – no more, no less. May we add that MONO.KULTUR is extremely handsome in appearance, having been given love by almost as many different designers as there are issues, each of whom has lavished attention on even its smallest details. MONO.KULTUR appears quarterly at more or less regular intervals in English, and English only. Please feel free to visit our website for more information.

Where can I find MONO.KULTUR at MONO.KONSUM?

Oh, that's easy: you click on MONO.KULTUR in the second bar, where you can choose between our current issue, all available back issues, a gratifying subscription deal and our first box set.

Can I still get hold of issues that are sold out?

Alas, the answer is no. Sold out means well and truly gone. But you might still get the first fifteen issues in our amazing box set.

How can I subscribe to MONO.KULTUR?

You click on MONO.KULTUR in the second bar and then SUBSCRIBE in the third. Your subscription will start with the current issue and last for one year / four issues. New subscribers will be treated to an extra back issue of their choice, as long as we have it in stock.

Which countries are defined as Europe for subscriptions?

You can find a detailed list of all countries that are eligible for Europe in our Shipping Information under the headings 3 and 4.1.2

Will I receive a free back issue of MONO.KULTUR when I renew my subscription?

Unfortunately no, this is a little smile that we reserve for our innocent and slightly disoriented newcomers. Sorry.

Why does the free back issue of my choice not appear in the dropdown menu, even though it still seems to be available for sale?

That means that we only have few copies left of this particular issue, so we don't offer it as free subscription gift anymore. Our apologies.

Will my subscription to MONO.KULTUR be renewed automatically after one year?

No, we like our readers to come back because they really want to. You will be reminded by e-mail when your subscription is about to expire, and you can renew it on this site under MONO.KULTUR / SUBSCRIBE.

Can I order a gift subscription of MONO.KULTUR for my friend / partner / father-in-law?

Of course you can, that's very sweet of you. To do so, go through the regular subscription process under MONO.KULTUR / SUBSCRIBE, and then make sure to enter the address of the lucky recipient as the Shipping Address when going through the checkout process. Enter your details under Billing Address, and you will receive the invoice for your gift subscription via e-mail.



MONO.EDITIONEN is a slightly temperamental offspring project by MONO.KULTUR, where we publish limited edition art works by some of the artists featured in the magazine. MONO.EDITIONEN appears if and when we feel like it, which isn't all that often, really. But just when you sort of forget about it, we're bound to feel like it again.


Oh, easy: you click on MONO.EDITIONEN in the second bar, where you can choose between the various editions.

Can I still get hold of items that are sold out?

Alas, the answer is no. Limited editions means limited, right?

Why does shipping double with every set I order of the Miranda July posters?

The Miranda July posters are sent in a roll, and for reasons that would really take too long to go into without boring you silly, they can only be posted individually or as single sets.



MONO.GRAMM is a womenswear label from Berlin. We like dresses and tops that are comfortable and easy and beautiful. We like drapings and unusual silhouettes. We like clothes that look complex but are simple in construction – or the other way around, for that matter. We like comfort and personality. We like simplicity and complexity. We like to be surprised. Please feel free to visit our website to find out more.

Where can I find MONO.GRAMM at MONO.KONSUM?

Oh, easy: you click on MONO.GRAMM in the second bar, where you can choose between collections from various seasons.

Do you do any menswear?

Alas no, not for the time being. But never say never.

Why do my size and / or my colour not appear in the dropdown menus?

Unfortunately, that means the item is not available anymore in that particular size and / or colour. Our apologies. Such is life – essentially unfair.

How do I choose the right size?

The available sizes are Extra Small, Small, Medium and Large for woven styles and Small, Medium and Large for knitwear. It even happens every now and then that we develop a style that fits all – OS, predictably meaning One Size. All product images show the items in Medium size – you can find the relevant measurements of the mannequin below.

Can I send items from MONO.KONSUM as a gift?

Of course you can, that's very sweet of you. To do so, go through the regular checkout process and then make sure to enter the address of the lucky recipient as the Shipping Address. Enter your details under Billing Address, and you will receive the invoice for your gift order via e-mail.

How can I order items as a gift and for myself?

You can't, or at least not simultaneously. For technical reasons that are really tedious and complicated, you can only select one recipient per order. In case you want to order items for different people, you will need to place a separate order for each recipient.

My country does not appear in the dropdown list – what do I do?

If your country does not appear in the drop-down menu, then it most likely hasn't been assigned a country code used by our store system. In that case, please contact us at

How long does it take to deliver my order?

Please read our Shipping Information under Shipping at the bottom of any page of this website for all questions regarding, well, shipping. It contains all kinds of surprising insights into the wondrous world of shipping.

How will I know the status of my order?

You will receive an Order Confirmation by e-mail once your order has been completed. Your order will then be processed and shipped within the following two working days. Once your order has been shipped, you will receive a Shipping Confirmation by e-mail, including a tracking number if your order was sent by DHL or registered delivery. Please read our Shipping Information for further details.

Why did I not receive a tracking number for my order?

If you did not receive a tracking number, it is because your order was sent out by regular post to avoid extremely expensive courier rates for small orders. Please read our Shipping Information for further details on how your order will be sent.

Will I receive an invoice for my order?

Yes, of course, an invoice will be included in your package with the ordered item/s.

Why can I only pay with PayPal?

Because it's the most convenient setup. We can't process credit cards for the time being, and certainly don't accept cheques, because it just makes things incredibly complicated. Our apologies. But PayPal is nice – you should give it a chance. And you can use it with your bank account or credit card as you desire.

Having said that, for orders from countries that use the Euro as currency (meaning Andorra, Austria, Belgium, Cyprus, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Luxemburg, Malta, Monaco, Montenegro, Netherlands, Portugal, San Marino, Slovakia, Slovenia and Spain) we accept payments through PayPal or Bank Transfer. Please note that in any case, orders will only be sent after payment is received.

Can I return an item if I am not happy?

We will take back any order of MONO.GRAMM and MONO.EDITIONEN if you have cancelled your order in accordance with our Terms and Conditions. Of course we also take back any flawed items. In any case, please make sure to read our Terms and Conditions, in particular the section ‘Right of Cancellation’ for returns and ‘Guarantee’ for defective items.

You have not answered my question – how can I reach you?

Please write to us at and we'll do our best to help.

I really think MONO.KONSUM is the prettiest online store I have seen – how can I congratulate you?

Ah geez, that's awfully kind of you. We're always happy to receive compliments and comments to