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mono.kultur #14: David Adjaye
  • mono.kultur #14: David Adjaye
  • mono.kultur #14: David Adjaye
  • mono.kultur #14: David Adjaye
  • mono.kultur #14: David Adjaye
  • mono.kultur #14: David Adjaye
  • mono.kultur #14: David Adjaye


“I love utopia, but I’m deeply frightened of complete projects.”

mono.kultur #14 / October & November 2007
English / 15 x 20 cm / 36 Pages / Printed in Three Pantone Colours
Our first architecture issue is dedicated to the most controversially discussed young architect David Adjaye. The British designer and architect gained a solid reputation with a series of private houses for renowned public figures such as Ewan McGregor, Chris Ofili and the Chapman brothers before moving on to the next level with several public spaces due to open by the end of this year, including a museum for contemporary art in Denver. Equally famous for his charm as for his distinct use of rare and conflicting materials and his unorthodox approach to projects, Adjaye now ranks among the most successful architects of his generation.

With mono.kultur, David Adjaye talked about his idea of modern architecture, his research project on Africa and how buildings can affect the way we live.

The issue is a designer’s delight, printed in its entirety in three pantone colours.

Interview by Finn Williams / Photography by David Adjaye / Design by modernactivity

“The name of the magazine already indicates it’s main concept: This is an intimate magazine, that invites you to dive into it, like you can dive into a good documentary movie. Every issue is dedicated from the beginning to the end to one artist and tries to draw an elaborate portrait of him by means of a long conversation, a series of photographs that interpret the text, and an unusual and delicate graphic design without giant headlines. The character of the artist emerges ever so slowly – which requires from the reader a different kind of attentiveness and reading rhythm.”
— Daniel Gorin for Time Out Tel Aviv

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